Whilst founded in the 1950’s, The RoundUp Store was opened in its current Shelby location in 1978. Jack Hunt originally “rounded up” salvage from fire and water damaged businesses, hence the name. In the early days the store featured everything from women’s clothes to children’s shoes and canned goods. By the time the current location was established, the business had migrated to supplying specialty building products. Cabinet grade plywood, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, paneling and Masonite siding were the core products offered to local remodelers and builders. Over the years’ new items were added and manufacturing of storage buildings, kitchen, bathroom cabinets and chicken coops was begun. In addition to the original items today’s eclectic mix of products for the Do It Yourselfers (DIY) covers a wide range of items from laminate flooring to concrete steps and railings, a windows and doors design center and bird houses.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Do It Yourselfers and contractors with the value priced construction products needed to build or remodel homes, churches and businesses. Family owned, we pride ourselves on listening carefully to our customer’s needs and to provide caring customer service.


Phil Ledbetter


Phil Ledbetter serves as Vice President of The RoundUp Store.  Joining right out of high school, Phil has loyally served the business for 37 Years!  His wealth of experience and passion for making sure that all customers are fully satisfied has led to longevity and growth.  Whether it is laying out a new kitchen or applying for a “rent to own” storage building, Phil is the man to talk to!


Chris White

Assistant Store Manager

Chris White serves as assistant manager and has been a part of the RoundUp family for 27 years.  His can do attitude and ability to master tasks of any kind demonstrates his much appreciated value to our clients.  Chris makes the RoundUp go!